Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why Do I Love Magazines So Much?

I don’t know, but I do. I’ve always loved them and can’t imagine not having print versions available. I always have one or two stuffed in my bag and always have a couple of subscriptions to current favourites. Those that I find most useful/inspiring/entertaining at the moment (at least when it comes to farm-y stuff) are Grit, Mother Earth NewsVegetarian Times, and Hobby Farm. I’m also enjoying the brand new magazine, Urban Farm (the second issue just came out). Occasionally I pick up a copy of the British publication Home Farmer. Always interesting to see what the Brits are up to in their gardens!

The current issue of Vegetarian Times has a good recipe for a German-style warm potato salad. Served over fresh spinach greens, this was oh-so-very tasty. I would add caraway seeds next time – and either serve as a side dish or add grilled sausages (vegetarian or local, grass-finished meat sausages of some sort… the Red Barn Market carries quite an assortment of hormone-free meats, though I’m not sure if they are also grass finished…) 

What are your favourite magazines? Do you think there’s a future for our glossy hard-copy friends? Or will the Internet and the Kindle (and the IPad and all their high-tech virtual friends) make the old-fashioned magazine obsolete? Oh I hope not.

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