Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fantastic Seed-Starting Invention!

Yes, we have a greenhouse in the living room. Heated, no less. We stumbled across these most excellent mini-greenhouse-seed-starting racks at Home Depot when we were on our drip irrigation purchasing expedition.

We bought two - one for inside the house (we've erected it in the living room and positioned it over the heat vent) and one for the deck. We start the seeds inside, covering the trays with plastic covers so they are truly snug and warm but don't dry out too quickly. I've put the seed-heating mat on the bottom rack to give our most delicate seeds some additional encouragement. Once the seeds sprout, they are moved out into the balcony mini-greenhouse which is tucked into the sunniest corner of the deck. Well protected, these cool weather crops get as much sun as possible as they muscle up into vigorous little seedlings. Meanwhile, the space created inside is filled with new seeds, those that need a slightly later planting-out date.

To help keep everything ticking along in the right order, I've organized all the seeds (somehow we've managed to accumulate a fair few) in envelopes sorted by sowing date. All will be well as long as I don't fall ill or break a limb or some such. There, I've said it so it won't happen!

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