Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spud-tastic! what we found today at Integrity Feeds? We found what we were looking for, yes (horse pellets variety A, horse pellets variety B, duck and goose kibble, and salt blocks) but on our way out the door we tripped over bins of heirloom varieties of spuds! Given our fondness for potatoes in all their many incarnations, we had to stock up! We had already procured some Satina and Desiree seed potatoes (on Seedy Saturday) and today we added a few each of the following:
Russian Blue
French Fingerlings
German Butterball

I can hardly wait!!!!! Is it ridiculous to be so insanely excited about spuds?

(Here's a link to a great list of potato varieties... who knew there were so many options beyond Yukon Gold?)

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