Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick! Get the guest stall ready!

"Poppy, meet Casey... Casey, this is your new roomie, Poppy."
These are the conversations one has around here when introducing visiting livestock. Poppy (on the left) is a Saanen cross who needs to be milked three times a day. This is tricky to accomplish when her owners (the Hess family of North Saanich) are off tootling about, doing good deeds. So, we agreed to goat-sit for a couple of weeks, which will also give us a chance to see what goat-milking, goat milk-drinking, and goat cheese-making are like.
The goats took a couple of hours to decide who had the harder head butt and ever since have palled around like old chums. I'll provide an update on the inside-outs of goat milking in another post when I have a bit more time, but so far, we haven't spilled too much milk or blood (human or goat!)
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