Monday, June 21, 2010

Why, oh Why Can't I Chase Those Ducklings?

For a dog that is half sight-hound and still an impulsive puppy, Pippi shows remarkable restraint when it comes to NOT chasing the ducks. Her whole body quivers with anticipation and she lives in eternal hope that I'll give her the nod, but amazingly, even when the whole flock waddles past her, she stays put.

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  1. She's a whippet/standard poodle cross - a blend I can highly recommend!

  2. Love this! My dog feels the same way with the deer all over our yard!
    Hi - new follower here and fellow Canuck. I love CBC! But it's Points North here in Ontario.

  3. Hello! The pups are endlessly entertaining, aren't they? Best of luck with you new book!

  4. Hi Nikki, I'm blogging today about dogs and ducks and hoped to use this lovely picture as a feature. If you would rather I did not just e mail me at