Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week it's all about the Saanich Fair

The nieces and nephew have been visiting the farm in shifts all summer. One of the projects that's kept us all busy is getting ready for the Saanich Fair. The kids have entries in the draft horse show, the regular horse show (same horse, multi-tasking), the poultry and waterfowl section, junior fruit (apples), and household arts (best decorated birthday cake). They each also have entries in various photography, drawing, and painting categories. The last few days before the fair are full of last-minute preparations. Today, for example, we'll be addressing the princess hat addition to Aly's riding helmet (for the costume class in the horse show) and figuring out how best to affix the unicorn horn to Dinny's forehead (Dinny being the multi-tasking Haflinger).

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